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jprime – Bassfunk

Available now – Bassfunk is a party rockin breakbeat classic jam. Get some! Bassfunk by jprime

Jprimes SupaRapMix 1

[mixcloud][/mixcloud] Here’s #1 in my SupaRapMix series. Just a few chilled hiphop mixes to ease into the weekends…

Cypress Hill – Runnin Tings (jprimes Back Alley Mix)

Here’s a little rerub of some Cypress Hill to get you started on your night of sneaking around dark alley ways… By Jeremy Atkinson

jprime – Breathe

A little funky breakbeat number I knocked up some time ago – now yours au gratis! Enjoy, share the love…. Regards, -jprime

Jprime – Glitchy Business 2

Fresh new mix for your ears a la glitchy viperfunk styles… [mixcloud][/mixcloud]

Alan Parsons Project – Breakdown (jprime edit)

Here’s an hiphop / ghettofunk edit of an oldie. Enjoy

jprime – Glitchy Business

[mixcloud][/mixcloud] Well, it’s been a while since I’ve dropped a mix, so here’s something fresh. I mean that in a couple ways; the mix itself strays away from my usual breakbeat obsessions and delves into more glitch hop territory…a genre I love to bits (pun intended) but never seem to get my ass in gear […]

Paula Perry – Paulas Jam (jprime edit)

Here’s a fresh remix from enjoy it and play this weekend in good health! Paula Perry is one of my all time favorite female rappers…if you’ve been on the site before you know I’m a huge fan of female rappers…so I hope this one makes your cut Cheers! -jprime

Free Breaks from Basement Freaks, Stickybuds, JPrime
Free Breaks from Basement Freaks, Stickybuds, JPrime

Boh!   Happy Tuesday my funktastic breakbeat brethren.    Let’s kick start this week into high gear with some free downloads shall we?  Coming at you fresh out the box is none other than the notorious Basement Freaks going head to head with Stickybuds with a couple of freshies; “Start Bustin” and “Records in the Game” And […]