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Canadian Back Breakin Oct 4/2011

Great fun on the radio last – night grab the archive here.

I dug through some old breaks favorites and touched into some newer tracks. Had a blast mixing some of our own breaks tracks, and finished off with some hip hop.

Canadian Back Breakin



jprime, sevenfingafunk                          intro
Infekto                                         The Real Funk (Boogie Army Rmx)
Vigi & Zero                                     Others
Kraymon                                         Who Wants Some
Hexadecimal                                     Acid Lick – Breaks Mix
Feeline                                         Let Go (Peter Paul Remix)
Affinity                                        Break – Original Mix
Wardian                                         Volaverun – Original Mix
The Wrongstars                                  Oi! That’s Not Breaks – Original Mix
Mesmer                                          Pushy – Original Mix
DJ Phunkae                           So Much Funk feat. Jack Beazly – B-Phreak’s Phreakalicious Mix
DJ Icey                                         Amtrak – Original Mix
Freestylers                                     In Love With You
DJ Hero, Matt B                                 Baddest DJ feat. Matt B – Original Mix
Obscene Frequenzy                               Yellow Party – Original Mix
Grand Def Audio                                 Start of My Life (Gda Revisited Remix)
DILEMN                                          Body Shout (Original Mix)
Clubsonica                                      City Lights – Yreane Remix
Vipercorps                                      Overclocked T.R.O. Rmx
Vipercorps & NoProfit                    Bassline (Original) (B.M.M)
Vipercorps                                      GatesOfDoomV2
Vipercorps                                      Dodge City (Rebel Sketchy Remix)
Somsay                                          Holy Jah (Vipercorps-remix)
Baymont Bross, MC Alaska              Have Some Fun (Original Mix)
Dopamine                                        Brave New World – Original Mix
Mobb Deep vs Crystal Method (jprime masher)     Shook Ones – High Roller
The Rza                                         Afro’s Father Fight (Inst.)
Swollen Members                                 Take it Back
Cypress Hill                                    When The Shit Goes Down
Lord Tarig & Peter Gunz                         Deja Vu
Circle Research                                 Out Of This World
Naughty By Nature                         O.P.P.

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