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Canadian Back Breakin radio – 3 hour set

Here’s one for your road trip: Canadian Back Breakin 3 hour set :: tracklist below…

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Groovediggerz – We Rock
SuperstyleDeluxe – You’re Wrong (Skool of Thought mix)
DJ Fixx, Keith MacKenzie, Whiskey Pete – Get With the Program
Astrolab – Living on a Groove
Quadrat Beat & Kyla – Back in the Game
Tony Faline – The iLLest
DJ Twister – Boomin’
LMFAO – Party Rock (Bassik mix)
Stepsine – Gen Sec. of Breaks
Manu Twister – Tu Puta Streisand
Motive, DJ Small – Begin
Ed209 & Ken Mac – Hell Yeah
Shiloh – Mana (Elite Force mix)
Sketi – Hyperstate
Van Tek – Psilocybernetics
Justin Faze – What’s Right
Public Enemy – You’re Gonna Get Yours (jprime controlled demolition)
Ghettface – Keep the Change
Ghostface Killah, Raekwon – New York (jprime scratchapella)
Agent 86 – Microdot (Nick Thayer mix)
DJ Sweep, Doc Floyd – Red Jelly
Fuzzbox Inc – Once Again
J. Viewz – This City Means no Love
Maelstrom – The Glue (Timewarp Inc mix)
Guerilla Tech – Running the Party (Kid Digital mix)
Break the Box, MC Coppa – Style & Flavor (Black & Blunt mix)
Sidel – Rollin (Quadrat Beat mix)
DJ Hero, Matt B – Baddest DJ
DJ Hero – Sub Sonic
DJ Icey – Ride Out
Stanton Warriors – Raw Meat (ft Too Short)
Rogue Element – BackBreaker
Columbo – CousCous
Vipercorps – Dodge City (Audio Tsunami lost mix)
Vipercorps ft Kidd Linus – The Rampage
Akrobatiks ft Mr Lif – ? (Finny rerub)
Eric B & Rakim – No Omega
Philly Blunt – The Body Rocker
Quasimodo – Let’s Funk
The Beekepers – Queen Bee
Fort Knox Five – Hot Chocolate / Lyrics Born mashup
Cypress Hill – PsychobetaBuckdown
Ice Cube – The Nigga ya Love to Hate
Ratatat – Wildcat
Freshco & Miz – We Don’t Play
Souls of Mischeif – 93 till Infinity

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