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Free TouchOSC template


mixvibes cross template

So I took the liberty of mapping the template to MixVibes Cross (thanks for the software guys! You rock!) and also saved the mappings to OSCulator as well.

I am pleased to share these files with you – hopefully you don’t have any troubles using them.
Now – I hope this actually works for you folks….I’ve done a few things here…keep in mind this is all done on my mac:

1. I saved the OSCulator mappings in a file called “CrossDJ”
(place this in your OSCulator files folder)

2. I’ve copied the mappings file from my Cross folder. This file is called “825511087.mappings” Cross named it – so I didn’t bother changing it.
(place this in userhome / Library / Mixvibes / Cross / Controllers / Midi folder)

3. I’ve updated the TouchOSC template “CrossDJ.touchosc”
(load this on your iphone)

That ‘should’ be it. The files can all be downloaded from

Being totally down with midi stuff, I was really stoked back when touchOSC first came out. By installing a program like OSCulator (19.99 base price) on your computer, and installing TouchOSC (4.99) on your iPhone or Android device, you can enter the world of touchscreen DJing. Add that to the growing number of free TouchOSC templates out there and you have a win.

Are you kidding me? 25.00 and I have a full on touch controller? GET IN. Here’s the icing – download TouchOSC editor and edit your own interfaces. Or you can download my custom template and test drive it.

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