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Free Tune: Dogtown Clash ft MC SirReal

Following on this year from big releases by Cut La Roc and Myagi on
Westway comes this absolute corker from Dogtown Clash.

First off: >> Buy the complete release here. Do it. You know you need it <<

HOLE IN MY HEAD sees DOGTOWN once again call on the vocal dexterity of
MC SirReal, who last appeared with the guys on FREAK in 2007. SirReal
really gets his vocal inside your head, and the massive Van Helden-
style electroid riff is a completely sick. This is a big, big room

And wouldn’t you know….being the fine gents that they are, here’s a free track to motivate your adidas:

Dogtown Clash have been inactive f or a couple of years, with – The
hardest working man in showbiz- BARRY ASHWORTH concentrating on his
DUB PISTOLS stuff and BILLY BOREZ relaunching ZERO B. But what a way
to return, and kick off the run-in to the release of their album! With
its catchy UNKLE-esque vocal hook and revved-to-the-max riff, the
original has already been acclaimed by various DJs, with EDDY TEMPLE
MORRIS from XFM calling it: The best thing they have ever done. When
you think that Eddy

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