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Novation Controller – Twitch

Speaking of midi…the Novation Twitch might just be the novation controller you’ve been waiting for.


As a DJ that enjoys scratching, my mindset is generally – no turntable sized platters: no deal. I suppose that’s why I never embraced CDJ’s. (coupled with the fact that CDs scratch too easily, and why not just run the digital file off a computer?).
Enter the Novation Twitch. A jog wheel-less sexy little number that pushes all the right buttons. It comes with serato ITCH – a proven industry standard controller based software.

The goal of this controller seems to be aimed at less beatmatching / traditional DJing oriented (though it will excel in this department regardless) and more controllerist FX / cue / loop oriented.

Along with a wonderful layout of plush looking buttons comes the note worthy touchstrips which will allow users to swipe through their tracks forward and backwards. Get in! This feature sounds great.

The controller comes equipped with a soundcard and a nice compact size for maximum portability. I’m loving the look of this – and will follow up with a hands on review after I purchase one of my own.

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