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Online Music Promotion

For the budding young producer, there are a few tools out there to help you get started with online music promotion. After my article about online collaboration I thought it might be useful to outline some tips on what to do with your music once it’s made. The tips outlined in this article, and opinions offered are mine, feel free to do what you will with the information provided. Some folks may agree or disagree on my approach, but hey – it’s my site 😉

I have found from experience that there are a lot of great places and free tools to get you and your music out on the web. There are a ton of entry points for people to get to your music, but I tend to look at it this way: While you can create many doorways for people to get to your music, they are only doorways, and you need to create a main room for these people once they walk in the door.

For this purpose I have chosen to start my own website. I did this for a number of reasons, and recommend you do it for the same. I’ll outline some benefits in a minute.

If you don’t already have a Facebook band page, set that up. Here’s ours….wow – 168 fans! 🙁


Vipercorps Facebook Page

I recommend setting up a Soundcloud account for two reasons. One: It’s a great place to host your music for free. Two: You can tie your Soundcloud account into your Facebook band page with via Rootmusic.


Vipercorps Soundcloud Page

Once you have set up your Facebook and Soundcloud pages, Rootmusic will ask for your Facebook information when you set up a Rootmusic account. From there, you can directly synchronize your Soundcloud tracks with your Facebook band page. Too easy. Here’s a screenshot of our Rootmusic setup page. Note that for a small fee you can upgrade your band page to something pretty slick. I haven’t tried this yet…

Rootmusic screenshot

Setting up Vipercorps on Rootmusic

I mentioned setting up your own website as the main room for people to come to from all the entry points you have created (Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, etc). For this I chose WordPress, and while you can set up a free blog at “” this does nothing for your own exposure as far as search engines are concerned. Don’t forget to wander over to Google Analytics and set up your Analytics account so you can monitor the site’s statistics! Some benefits of having your own website are:

-Reliability. Your website will be up and running as long as you want. Can this be said for free services?

-Marketing. having a “.com” behind your artist name in a URL is great for google and will make it easier for people to find you.

-Opportunities for affiliate promotion. Get a gig at a major club, post it on your site, brand the post with the clubs info, send the post to the club after the gig and say thanks for having you there. It’s professional.

Benefits of using a WordPress site, rather than trying to code something from scratch:

-The site is installed and running in about 5 minutes.

-If you can think of it, there is a plugin for it (Soundcloud, Newsletter, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc)

Hey look, my online collaboration article had 32 views in the last couple days, but I had no idea so many people went to my “About” page. Guess what page I am going to spruce up…? Thank you very much for the info Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress!

Websites cost money. Purchase your domain name (“”) somewhere like Look for a good monthly hosting plan. I recommend Bird hosting has a great control panel that allows you to install a wordpress site at the click of a button.


It starts to come together: Here’s a track we put on Soundcloud, we used the WordPress Soundcloud plugin to post it on our site. We used the Facebook and Twitter buttons to share the post on those social media sites.

Well that’s a start, I’m sure there’s enough info there to get you going. Please feel free to drop any questions or comments you might have! I hope this article provided a bit of information. There is a wealth of information out there, and of course if it’s all too much for you to handle….let the good peole at number28agency sort you out:

We Do
We can help you set up your own website including hosting and cms, as well as consistent artist/label branding on all your social networks including, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube and Twitter.

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