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jprime – Glitchy Business

Jprime – Glitchy Business by Jprime on Mixcloud

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve dropped a mix, so here’s something fresh. I mean that in a couple ways; the mix itself strays away from my usual breakbeat obsessions and delves into more glitch hop territory…a genre I love to bits (pun intended) but never seem to get my ass in gear to give it the attention it deserves. It’s also loaded with pretty fresh tracks, quite a few are very recent purchases.
There’s a little download link in that souncloud player somewhere ūüėČ so feel free to drop this in your devices, and as always comments are always appreciated. Have a good one!

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Free Breaks from Basement Freaks, Stickybuds, JPrime

Boh!¬†¬† Happy Tuesday my funktastic breakbeat brethren.¬†¬†¬† Let’s kick start this week into high gear with some free downloads shall we?¬† Coming at you fresh out the box is none other than the notorious Basement Freaks going head to head with Stickybuds with a couple of freshies; “Start Bustin” and “Records in the Game”

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Digging for Ghettofunk

I just love how the ghettofunk does the job. There’s really no need to push it full tilt at 10 PM with some full on 135+ BPM dancefloor slayers (OK, maybe there is on occasion…) but if you’re ever caught in a spot where you just want to do it to the crowd – you may have knocked off the odd Moombahton, hiphop, reggae, or ghettofunk….

Chances are, if you are an aficionado of the ghettofunk sound you’ve already bookmarked but where else do you go for the goodness?¬† Here’s a few links I like hitting up, even though sometimes the material overlaps…it’s good to be thorough…

Free breaks blog has been sourcing out great breaks, and is no stranger to the phonk de la ghetto.

Searching Soundcloud for tracks tagged ‘ghettofunk’ is a good way to filter through the soundcloud network.

Wefunk radio has been blasting out the funk for years.¬† What I especially like about this site is how you can go into the show archives, look at the entire show’s playlist, and click on any particular song to check it out.¬† I’ll copy paste tracks / artists names into a list – then take that list to iTunes / Google to track down where to buy these songs from.¬† Biggups to wefunkradio – you have an amazing site, so thanks.

Why not start with some proper funk.¬†¬† Ghettofunk is built on this stuff, and you should get familiar with some of the classics.¬† Most DJ’s will already have the tools available to grab some old classic funk and beef it up with a few loops from your library.¬†¬† With a bit of prep time, you can mash up a winner in no time.

The bootleg blog has a nic ghettofunk category worth checking out.

Mixcloud is a good source for full length ghettofunk tagged mixes.   Here you can check out a mix and get some ideas from the tracklists provided.

¬†Thank Nufunk It’s Friday

these fellas have been pulling funk off the net for some time and doing a fine job at it.   Bookmark this now.


Well that’s a start….as I find more places for sourcing out good beefed up funk, nufunk and ghettofunk (or however you want to call it…) I’ll add them here.¬† Hope this helps!¬†¬† Keep it funkeh!

By Jeremy Atkinson
Visit us on Google Plus

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jprime – 4UP free mini album


I like making music, I also like getting free music.¬†¬† On that note – here’s a few tunes I put together – I hope you’ll enjoy them at your next family reuinion.¬† Here’s a little 4 track mini album that has a couple of hip hop ish tracks, a ghettofunk number, and a faster breaks track.¬†¬† Enjoy!

Bandcamp link:

And here is the almighty…

Direct link to zip

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More Free Breakbeats

More free breaks!

Jump on over to Dj Josh Chambers Facebook page, hit ‘like’ and grab a copy of “Holla” and “Bass is Bangin”

This one nearly escaped me…but Mr No Hands does us all a dancefloor favour with this freebie;¬† Mr No Hands vs Deep Trojan – Shakin

Another fresh freebazoid here – only 100 downloads available….I’ll try and post it up on my servers as well ūüėČ ¬†LOTEK Feat Bunny Lee & King Jammy – The Rudest Dude – Lightshapers remix


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Free music! breakbeat downloads

¬†¬† Everyone likes free music, and I appreciate it when someone takes the time to hunt down some decent breaks tunes for me.¬†¬† So I am going on a mission now and again to return the favor and provide some links to free breakbeats and fat beats for you to download.¬†¬† Enjoy this first installment….


First tune comes courtesy of Freq Nasty, an old time veteran of breaks.¬† Here’s a remix of South Arfican Die Antwoord’s “I Fink U Freeky.”¬† While I am providing you with a soundcloud widget to preview it – you’ll need to hop on over to Facebook to get the tune


I had the pleasure of meeting Shack from Elite Force at this years Breakspoll party in London…

Elite Force jprime

…and just found this link to some material that they are giving out….don’t sleep on this – there’s a bunch of tracks to choose from….

Boom – enjoy that for now….back in a bit after this break…




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Novation Twitch Demo

Some time ago I posted a quick article on an upcoming Novation Twitch controller.¬† I finally got my hands on this fantastic little controller…while you can read a bazillion reviews on this nice little controller….why not just have a look at my quick demo video of the unit in action…


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Vipercorps – Vipermix

¬†¬† It’s a good day when you put together a full mix of all your own tracks. Okay, granted a few of these are remixes of our work, and in a couple cases we remixed it up….but this mix has a bunch of our own Vipercorps original material, some of it unreleased and fresh off the press.
Hope you enjoy…


Vipermix by Jprime on Mixcloud



Vipercorps        Viperroutines 06                            
Somsay            Holy Jah (Vipercorps remix)
Vipercorps        Overclocked T.R.O. Rmx
Vipercorps        Assault                       
Vipercorps        Dodge City (Audio Tsunami Remix)
Vipercorps        Viperfunk-(Van_Tek_Remix)     
Vipercorps        Chrome                        
Vipercorps        Special Ed ft Inga РI Know You (jprime edit)
Robosapiens    Sirens (Vipercorps remix)
Vipercorps        Venemous                      
Vipercorps        Drive                         
Vipercorps        Gates Of Doom
Vipercorps        The Yama Yama
Vipercorps        The Rampage with Kidd Linus

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Special Ed ft. Inga – I Know You (jprime booty)

Here’s a booty of a fairly under the radar track from the man like Special Ed, from his early album “Still Got it Made.” Up for your download pleasures. Enjoy!

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