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Vipercorps – Supreme Rattler

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Canadian Back Breakin Oct 4/2011

Great fun on the radio last – night grab the archive here.

I dug through some old breaks favorites and touched into some newer tracks. Had a blast mixing some of our own breaks tracks, and finished off with some hip hop.

Canadian Back Breakin



jprime, sevenfingafunk                          intro
Infekto                                         The Real Funk (Boogie Army Rmx)
Vigi & Zero                                     Others
Kraymon                                         Who Wants Some
Hexadecimal                                     Acid Lick – Breaks Mix
Feeline                                         Let Go (Peter Paul Remix)
Affinity                                        Break – Original Mix
Wardian                                         Volaverun – Original Mix
The Wrongstars                                  Oi! That’s Not Breaks – Original Mix
Mesmer                                          Pushy – Original Mix
DJ Phunkae                           So Much Funk feat. Jack Beazly – B-Phreak’s Phreakalicious Mix
DJ Icey                                         Amtrak – Original Mix
Freestylers                                     In Love With You
DJ Hero, Matt B                                 Baddest DJ feat. Matt B – Original Mix
Obscene Frequenzy                               Yellow Party – Original Mix
Grand Def Audio                                 Start of My Life (Gda Revisited Remix)
DILEMN                                          Body Shout (Original Mix)
Clubsonica                                      City Lights – Yreane Remix
Vipercorps                                      Overclocked T.R.O. Rmx
Vipercorps & NoProfit                    Bassline (Original) (B.M.M)
Vipercorps                                      GatesOfDoomV2
Vipercorps                                      Dodge City (Rebel Sketchy Remix)
Somsay                                          Holy Jah (Vipercorps-remix)
Baymont Bross, MC Alaska              Have Some Fun (Original Mix)
Dopamine                                        Brave New World – Original Mix
Mobb Deep vs Crystal Method (jprime masher)     Shook Ones – High Roller
The Rza                                         Afro’s Father Fight (Inst.)
Swollen Members                                 Take it Back
Cypress Hill                                    When The Shit Goes Down
Lord Tarig & Peter Gunz                         Deja Vu
Circle Research                                 Out Of This World
Naughty By Nature                         O.P.P.

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Canadian Back Breakin radio archive Sept 27/2011

Another radio show for the podcast 😀



jprime                       intro
Baymont Bross, MC Alaska     Have Some Fun (Original Mix)
Clubsonica                   City Lights – Yreane Remix
Vipercorps                   Dodge City (RS Remix)
DRKWTR                       Funkanometry (Jim Reaper remix)
Macho                        Rewind (Parallax Breakz Remix)
Eric_B_and_Rakim_vs_The_Gorillaz   Dare You Soul
Stanton Warriors             Get Wild (Deekline & Ed Solo Remix)
Bassik                       Its About Time (Digibox Remix) (B.M.M)
Afghan Headspin              True
Amb                          Neutrino (REXs Strange Alien Remix)
Jalapeno Records             ?
Botecoeletro                 Coco Nutz Mass
Mark Walton                  Got It Like – Jon Ohms Remix
Mooqee                       Back Up
chemical brothers            leave home
Agent 86                     Microdot (Nick Thayer Remix)
HAYZ                         TriggaPhunk (Rhythm Scholar remix)
Jeep Beat Collective         The Tekno Hater
Afrika Bambaataa             Mind Control [Danmass Instrumental]
Freshco                      NowYaKnow
Dj Mutiny                    Soul Runner (Superstyle deluxe remix)
Freestylers                  London Sound
Viro, Rob Analyze            In The Family – ils Re-Edit
The Beat Monkeys             Lords of Eldorand – Sam Hell Remix
Zimbardo                     Say Hey (Plaza De Funk Remix)
Transformer Man              The Last Dance – Original Mix
Robosapiens                  Sirens(Vipercorps-remix)
High Eight                   Coming To
Maestro Fresh Wes            Conductin Thangs

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Canadian Back Breakin radio Sept 20/2011


Download the radio show

Canadian Back Breakin

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Let the Rythm Hit Em (jprimes bandit edit)

Thanks to the fine folks at for posting up my rerub of Eric B & Rakim’s Let the Rhythm Hit Em.

It’s maxed out my allowed Soundcloud limit….but here’s a link to the file (below)

Eric B & Rakim – Let the Rythm Hit Em (jprimes bandit edit)



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jprimes SupaRapMix 3 – The Ladies

Jprime – SupaRapMix 3 by Jprime on Mixcloud

jprimes SupaRapMix3

Number 3 in the SupaRapMix mixtape series. This mix is a tribute to some of my favorite female MC’s. These ladies put a lot of their counterparts’ rhymes to rest imo…give it up for the ladies. This mix is a combination of old vinyls, and serato scratch live, done on 2 technics 1200 MK2’s, and a numark DXM-06 mixer. Hope you enjoy…


Missy Elliot – The Rain
Mama Mystique (Ft QBall & Curt Cazal) – Tremendous
Eve – Satisfaction
Jean Grae & Jazzy Jeff – Supa Jean
Foxy Brown – Foxy’s Bells
Michi Mee – Victory is Calling
Motion ft Apani B & Tara Chase – The Trilogy Pt 1
Roxanne Shante – Go on Girl
Queen Latifah – Dance for Me
Masia One – Split Second Timing
B-Phreak ft MC Lyte – Repeated Groove

SupaRapmix series mixes are based on a couple of principles:

1. Done in classic mixtape style – nothing too fancy here folks.
2. This is critical: Mixes are done in one take. No practicing, just drop a mix.

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Ghostface / AZ / Raekwon – New York (jprime funk edit) Free Download

Jprime - ChromeHere’s some nufunk action I made a while back. Hopefully this free download gets your party going…nothing like a bit of Wu Tang, and some old funk a La War to formulate some gritty audio action….

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Canadian Back Breakin radio – 3 hour set

Here’s one for your road trip: Canadian Back Breakin 3 hour set :: tracklist below…

Viperfunk logo


Groovediggerz – We Rock
SuperstyleDeluxe – You’re Wrong (Skool of Thought mix)
DJ Fixx, Keith MacKenzie, Whiskey Pete – Get With the Program
Astrolab – Living on a Groove
Quadrat Beat & Kyla – Back in the Game
Tony Faline – The iLLest
DJ Twister – Boomin’
LMFAO – Party Rock (Bassik mix)
Stepsine – Gen Sec. of Breaks
Manu Twister – Tu Puta Streisand
Motive, DJ Small – Begin
Ed209 & Ken Mac – Hell Yeah
Shiloh – Mana (Elite Force mix)
Sketi – Hyperstate
Van Tek – Psilocybernetics
Justin Faze – What’s Right
Public Enemy – You’re Gonna Get Yours (jprime controlled demolition)
Ghettface – Keep the Change
Ghostface Killah, Raekwon – New York (jprime scratchapella)
Agent 86 – Microdot (Nick Thayer mix)
DJ Sweep, Doc Floyd – Red Jelly
Fuzzbox Inc – Once Again
J. Viewz – This City Means no Love
Maelstrom – The Glue (Timewarp Inc mix)
Guerilla Tech – Running the Party (Kid Digital mix)
Break the Box, MC Coppa – Style & Flavor (Black & Blunt mix)
Sidel – Rollin (Quadrat Beat mix)
DJ Hero, Matt B – Baddest DJ
DJ Hero – Sub Sonic
DJ Icey – Ride Out
Stanton Warriors – Raw Meat (ft Too Short)
Rogue Element – BackBreaker
Columbo – CousCous
Vipercorps – Dodge City (Audio Tsunami lost mix)
Vipercorps ft Kidd Linus – The Rampage
Akrobatiks ft Mr Lif – ? (Finny rerub)
Eric B & Rakim – No Omega
Philly Blunt – The Body Rocker
Quasimodo – Let’s Funk
The Beekepers – Queen Bee
Fort Knox Five – Hot Chocolate / Lyrics Born mashup
Cypress Hill – PsychobetaBuckdown
Ice Cube – The Nigga ya Love to Hate
Ratatat – Wildcat
Freshco & Miz – We Don’t Play
Souls of Mischeif – 93 till Infinity

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Free Tune

*Updated -Here’s a video game kinda battle track I made inspired by the short clip at the start of IGN’s gamescoop podcast….

Here’s a track I made – I mucked around with it for quite awhile….figured it’s time to hand it out. Enjoy – feedback always welcomed 🙂

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