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Free TouchOSC template


mixvibes cross template

So I took the liberty of mapping the template to MixVibes Cross (thanks for the software guys! You rock!) and also saved the mappings to OSCulator as well.

I am pleased to share these files with you – hopefully you don’t have any troubles using them.
Now – I hope this actually works for you folks….I’ve done a few things here…keep in mind this is all done on my mac:

1. I saved the OSCulator mappings in a file called “CrossDJ”
(place this in your OSCulator files folder)

2. I’ve copied the mappings file from my Cross folder. This file is called “825511087.mappings” Cross named it – so I didn’t bother changing it.
(place this in userhome / Library / Mixvibes / Cross / Controllers / Midi folder)

3. I’ve updated the TouchOSC template “CrossDJ.touchosc”
(load this on your iphone)

That ‘should’ be it. The files can all be downloaded from

Being totally down with midi stuff, I was really stoked back when touchOSC first came out. By installing a program like OSCulator (19.99 base price) on your computer, and installing TouchOSC (4.99) on your iPhone or Android device, you can enter the world of touchscreen DJing. Add that to the growing number of free TouchOSC templates out there and you have a win.

Are you kidding me? 25.00 and I have a full on touch controller? GET IN. Here’s the icing – download TouchOSC editor and edit your own interfaces. Or you can download my custom template and test drive it.

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Novation Controller – Twitch

Speaking of midi…the Novation Twitch might just be the novation controller you’ve been waiting for.


As a DJ that enjoys scratching, my mindset is generally – no turntable sized platters: no deal. I suppose that’s why I never embraced CDJ’s. (coupled with the fact that CDs scratch too easily, and why not just run the digital file off a computer?).
Enter the Novation Twitch. A jog wheel-less sexy little number that pushes all the right buttons. It comes with serato ITCH – a proven industry standard controller based software.

The goal of this controller seems to be aimed at less beatmatching / traditional DJing oriented (though it will excel in this department regardless) and more controllerist FX / cue / loop oriented.

Along with a wonderful layout of plush looking buttons comes the note worthy touchstrips which will allow users to swipe through their tracks forward and backwards. Get in! This feature sounds great.

The controller comes equipped with a soundcard and a nice compact size for maximum portability. I’m loving the look of this – and will follow up with a hands on review after I purchase one of my own.

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jprime scratch video

Here’s a little video I made last night of some scratching. It’s nuts to see how good some turntablists are at this stuff…I’m still pretty green, but I thought I would share a little video today for fun…enjoy some jprime scratch:

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Sparrow – Bite Marks EP Free!

You have to love the music scene these days. With plenty of artists clawing for a piece of the public eye, promoting their wares for better sales, and trying to make sense of their overall strategic model in general it’s a breath of fresh air when artists step up and offer a no frills free release.

What better way to get in touch with the people than to give out some music. Enter South African electro duo Sparrow (<–follow link for their download please). Their latest EP “Bite Marks” is up on their site and available for download free. Let’s break it on down though:

Sparrow Bite Marks


Bite Marks (Original Mix)

The original mix definitely has its roots in electro, but I can hear a break waiting to come through. The synths in track are quite filthy and angry sounding. I am reminded of the flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz marching along. o_O

No Justice (Original Mix)

No Justice is another electro fueled track, this time a bit more on the moody side. Sparrow switches gears and the filthy synths are replaced with a good balance of leads and moody pads. Great sequencing and the drums are on point.

No Justice (Sweekuh remix)

Sweekuh’s take on this track subtly crosses electro into a bit of dubstep, giving DJ’s a great transition track between the genres. The track stands out in the bunch for me simply because of it’s genre blurring moments, and I feel like the drums were sequenced with a unique touch. While it does have roots in the original; it stands on it’s own for sure.

Bite Marks (Taylor Thomas remix)

Taylor Thomas maintains a stance in electro territory with his remix. Starts out rolling along nicely with some snappy drums with the original lead coming in over it, then at about 1:17 it delves into a pretty bad ass breakdown, I really liked the variation here, and the way Taylor builds it back up and drops it again, especially the pitching down synth before the drop – very effective.

Bite Marks (Battle Beyond the Stars remix)

First of all, I went to IMDB to look up the old 1980’s classic sci-fi film “Battle Beyond the Stars” because damn – that’s an awesome name for a band. I feel that at least looking at the cover for this film might prepare me for what was in store.

Alrighty then – I definitely get the feel that this track was made by Seven futuristic mercenaries that were assembled to defend a helpless farm colony from an evil overlord. This version has a Big Beat ish kinda feel to it, tempo is slower….I wanna say hip hop on steroids…after a couple listens I really wish they had gone a bit further into Glitch Hop territory – but I am not knocking the tune. I love a fat Big old beat….I’m pretty sure you will too 😉

Bite Marks (Jprime remix)

First of all, who the hell is this jprime guy anyway 😉 Seriously, I’m not going to review my own version – but I will say that jprime enjoys long walks on the beach and Jagermeister.

In These Bones (Original Mix)

A breakbeaty track with some nice lush leads and synth edits that compliment a bit of growling bass that will see some play from me. Nice late nighter, has some mood to it, everything sits nice in the mix, again – solid job!


I caught up with Sparrow’s Gareth Graham on Facebook and asked him a few questions to get a better idea on who they are, and where their music is coming from:

viperfunk: How long have you guys been making music?

Sparrow: We’ve been making music together since March 2010. Gareth has been making electronic music since 2002 and Gavin has been playing metal drums for the best part of 10 years.

viperfunk: Who are your influences?

Sparrow: Our influences are wide and varied, and that’s probably why it’s quite difficult to pin us down into one definite genre. Gareth’s background is in electronic music and Gavins background is in metal and rock bands. Artsits that inspire us include Justice, Haezer, Boys Noize, Daft Punk, Skrillex, Battle Beyond the Stars and many more.

viperfunk: Where would you like to see your music take you?

Sparrow: Right now, we’re just doing this because we enjoy it. There is no real long term plan as such, but we are just excited to keep doing what we do, and see where the road takes us. Some goals include playing a lot more shows and possibly doing a bit of a tour before 2011 is out.

I want to thank Sparrow for their time, and for the free EP – I hope you’ll take a look at their site, hit them up an Facebook. Gareth has been nothing but a polite, top notch, punctual, and pleasant fellow to work with on the remix front, and when messaged for a few questions was very prompt with a reply. In my opinion that’s pure professionalism which I am hearing in their music as well! Big ups, and we’re wishing you the best in the future!

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Mike Rigler vs. Coppa – Back for Real

Out Now!! On Proper Nightlife Records.

Juno Download

Mike Rigler:

Mike Rigler

As an Austrian breakbeat DJ and producer Mike Rigler brings out dance
music in its finest form and thus enjoys great popularity among the
shakers and movers in the breakbeat scene.
His forward thinking and cutting edge sound features influences from
Funk, Jazz, Breaks and Electro and regularely fills the international
dancefloors with beat enthusiasts. Touring 2009 through Europe, Mike
Rigler rocked the hottest venues across the continent.
Last years first release was the breaks remix

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The Randoms – Road Trip Mix

My good internet friends from over the UK The Randoms have dropped a new mix I thought I would share with you.



01.Tony Senghore – Burnin’
02. Jon Rundell – Top Shelf
03. Slam – Variance (Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlback Remix)
04. Kaiserdisco – Simplistix (Sebastien Leger Remix)
05. Cirez D – Full Stop
06. Peo De Pitte

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Vipercorps & NoProfit – Bassline EP

vipercorps bassline

available on Beatport

Juno Download


Vipercorps & NoProfit – Bassline (Original)

Vipercorps & NoProfit – Bassline (Soul Puncherz Remix)

Vipercorps & NoProfit – Bassline (Crystal Fox Remix)

Vipercorps & NoProfit – Bassline (NoProfit dnb Mix)

Format: Mp3/Wav
Label: Breakz R Boss Records

Vipercorps (UK/Canada)
Lucky Breaks, Breakz R Boss

Vipercorps is the brainchild of producer Finny (UK) and dj/producer/MC jprime (CAN).

A few fun collaborations back and forth over the internet slowly led to bonafide releases for this duo. The first release for Vipercorps was seen in November of 2009, with 3 Ep due out on Breakz R Boss Records in Late 2010/early 2011 with remixes by Soul Punchers, Van Tek, Crystal Fox, Kyle Cross & NoProfit.


Vipercorps – Overclocked (Lucky Breaks Records)
Vipercorps – Dodge City E.P (Breakz R Boss Records)
Vipercorps – Viperfunk E.P (Breakz R Boss Records)
Vipercorps & No Profit – Bassline E.P (Breakz R Boss Records) Forthcoming
Somsay – Holy Jah (Vipercorps Remix) Forthcoming

NoProfit :: Courtenay/Nanaimo
The Massive, Breakz ‘R’ Boss Records

NoProfit has been making noise for people to dance to with drum machines, computers, and records for a very long time.

2010 was a banner year for NoProfit. With 150+ DJ performances under his belt this past year, including his weekly residency at Dub Trax & Reggae Tune Tuesdays in Nanaimo, Friday Night on the main stage at the Carrington Bay Music Festival, Soundwave 2010, his weekly radio show, The Massive, on Nanaimo

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Freq Nasty – Dread at the Controls [Muti Music]

Freq Nasty Multi Music

Freq Nasty is a freq’in legend. Muti Music comes through this week with a sweet little promo number for you to check out….without further adieu….

About Freq Nasty:

Born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand, breakbeat pioneer FreQ Nasty is widely-acknowledged by critics for consistently breaking boundaries with his music, from his
classic breaks tunes such as “Boomin Back Atcha” and “Move Back,” to remixes of pop icons like Fatboy Slim, Kelis and KRS-One.
At the same time, FreQ is receptive to all that surrounds him; for example, his move to London and immersion in its developing scenes in the 80s resulted in seminal
releases on Botchit & Scarper. Forward thinking and progressive, his releases evidenced a sign of the fastmoving times.
These days, FreQ Nasty is staying one step ahead of the ongoing, hype-fueled evolution of electronic music with his contributions to the Futurestep sound. The recently
released FABRICLIVE.42 mix album is evidence of this shapeshifting sound: with it, FreQ takes on the bass heavy stomp of L-Vis 1990’s UK take on Baltimore house, the
blistering shatter of TRG, and several of his own storming productions, including Creator, a co-production with Switch on a Santigold tune released in 2007.
FreQ is also well-known in the music scene for his social activism. In early 2008, he launched, a socially-conscious site featuring music campaigns,
whereby musicians donate music in support of non-profit “action campaigns”.

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Breakz R Boss Winter Mix by JPRIME

01 – Vipercorps – Viperfunk (Van Tek Remix) [OUT JAN 21ST]
02 – N.FilTr8 – Bring It Back (Rebel Sketchy Remix) [OUT NOW]
03 – Manu Twister – Just Club (Original) [OUT NOW]
04 – Vipercorps & NoProfit – Bassline (Original) [OUT FEB 2011]
05 – Mctwist – Something From Nothing (Original) [OUT NOW]
06 – Kyle Cross – Records You Play (Original) [OUT NOW]
07 – Vipercorps – Dodge City (Audio Tsunami Remix) [OUT NOW]
08 – Somsay – Holy Jah (Original) [TBR]
09 – Manu Twister – Slow Motion (Originla) [OUT NOW]
10 – Scratche – Good Timing (Dave Dialect Remix) [OUT NOW]

Jprime: jprime

Breakz R Boss Presents: Summer of Bass Mixed By N.FilTr8 by Breakz R Boss Records

Buy our releases @ BEATPORT

Buy our releases @ TRACKITDOWN

Buy our releases @ JUNODOWNLOAD

Released by: Breakz R Boss Records
Release/catalogue number: BRBMIX003
Release date: Dec 23, 2010

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