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This breakbeat blog

…Just got a bit fatter. I would like to keep this breakbeat blog as up to date as possible, and will try and carry over all the breakbeat and hip hop material from the previous site.

In the meanwhile, here is a blog post about breakbeat 🙂

I figured if this is a breakbeat blog, I might as well provide a link to a decent definition of breaks. It seems to me that alot of people ended up into breaks from the rave culture avenue. Personally, I was always a fan of faster hip hop tracks, I just loved the ‘hype’ ness of the beats behind them. When I first heard some proper nuskool breaks, I felt like it had just taken that fast hip hop beat to a whole new level.

Nowadays when I listen to music I hear elements of breaks in alot of different places: salsa, plenty of Latin music, indie tracks, etc, and it’s really opened the door to some genres I would never thought I would be interested in. Old funk for instance.

I would be interested to hear other people’s experiences getting introduced to breaks. Feel free to drop a comment on how you got into it – I’d love to hear 🙂


Fabio F

hi this is my new mix set… enjoy!

1 – SUBMO – Test Dem
2 – Ascii Disko – Jawbreaker
3 – Peo de pitte – grey tape
4 – NAPT – Baby I Like It vs Wu Tan clan
5 – Savage Skulls – Adrum_Drum
7 – Slyde – Lucky Disco Pants
8 – Avicii – Fuck The Music (Gustolabs Re-Edit)
9 – Rescue – In The Lab
10- Feel Good – Adsorb dub edit
11- Plump DJs vs Daft Punk vs Dyson vs Breakdown
12- Splitloop – i want you
13- Stanton Warriors – Bodywork
14- freefall_collective_-_renegade
15- Colombo – Keep It Down

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