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Vipercorps – Vipermix

   It’s a good day when you put together a full mix of all your own tracks. Okay, granted a few of these are remixes of our work, and in a couple cases we remixed it up….but this mix has a bunch of our own Vipercorps original material, some of it unreleased and fresh off the press.
Hope you enjoy…


Vipermix by Jprime on Mixcloud



Vipercorps        Viperroutines 06                            
Somsay            Holy Jah (Vipercorps remix)
Vipercorps        Overclocked T.R.O. Rmx
Vipercorps        Assault                       
Vipercorps        Dodge City (Audio Tsunami Remix)
Vipercorps        Viperfunk-(Van_Tek_Remix)     
Vipercorps        Chrome                        
Vipercorps        Special Ed ft Inga – I Know You (jprime edit)
Robosapiens    Sirens (Vipercorps remix)
Vipercorps        Venemous                      
Vipercorps        Drive                         
Vipercorps        Gates Of Doom
Vipercorps        The Yama Yama
Vipercorps        The Rampage with Kidd Linus

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